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Speciality in
Wood Products

“Saraswathi Group” brings extraordinary Natural Wood, Flooring, Distinctive Furniture, and unique wooden features. We feature wood products and hand crafted home accessories.
Each piece of wood has its own story that started long before it got to us.


About Us!

Saraswathi Group is one of the leading Timber importers in India and we are the trend setters within the industry. Since our inception in 1971, we have remained loyal to our core values of innovation, product quality and customer service.

In the inception stage, we dealt with domestic timber. The founder team of five members began their operations as sawing contractors. In the later years, the company extended its business across India by procuring quality timber from various Indian states as well as countries like Burma, Nigeria, Malaysia, Indonesia, Africa & European countries etc.

We specialize in Burma Teak wood and also in a variety of quality timber for the wholesale as well as for the retail market.

Our passion for timber and supplying our esteemed clientele with quality timber however remains at the forefront of everything we do. We are delighted to be able to identify ourselves as one of the leading timber importers, manufacturers and sawmillers of this era.

‘SARASWATHI GROUP’ is so synonymous name as importer and supplier of ‘BURMA TEAK WOOD’ and other timber species in southern states.